The official theme song of FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa is sung by K’naan. The song is titled “Wavin Flag”. There is an English version as well as the Spanish version of the song. A link to download the MP3 of official theme song of FIFA World Cup 2010 will follow the lyrics of the official theme song.

Below is the link to Download the MP3 of Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Theme Song.

Click Here to Download MP3 of K’naan’s Waving Flag

If you are looking for the Lyrics of the FIFA 2010 official theme song, you can find the lyrics on this website.


If you are wondering who won Sirasa Superstar Season 3 Grand finale, we are happy to announce that in the grand finale held this evening, Shanika Madumali was awarded as the Sirasa Superstar Season 2 titleholder. Shanika Madumali contested with Arjun Rukantha for the title of Sirasa Superstar Season 3, and the winner was announced this evening at the grand finale held at CR & FC stadium.

The Superstar Show host, Kamal Addaraarachchi announced that he will retire from the show, and he said that this is the last time he is hosting the show.

Let’s congratulate Shanika Madumali for becoming the winner of Sirasa Superstar Season 3. Let’s congratulate Arjuna Rukantha who performed well, but came a little bit short in SMS votes to become the winner of Sirasa Superstar Season 3.


Everything is ready for the “Sirasa Superstar Season 3 Grand Finale” on 8th of May 2010. The final show of the Sirasa Superstar Season 3 will happen at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. This weekend, the two finalists will be selected for the Sirasa Superstar Season 3 Final. This page will regularly be updated with more news on Sirasa Superstar Season 3 Finale. Stay tuned..


Today it was announced that the Parliamentary Election in Sri Lanka will be held on April 8. If the elimination rounds of final 12 continue in this flow, the grand finale will be held either on first week or the second week of April. Both these weeks are going to be busy schedules for most Sri Lankans, because of the upcoming Sri Lanka General Election 2010, and the Sinhalese and Tamil new year.

The popularity of Season 3 has dropped drastically compared to the season 2, and the organizers doesn't want it to drop any further because of the election.

It is reported to us that the organizers are considering postponing the grand finale towards the fourth week of April, to avoid any conflicts of interests by masses of Sri Lankan public.