Yes. I firmly believe that should have been the decision yesterday. She deserved to be in the final 12, and she’s truly talented. We need her in our music scene. But she should have been the one to go out, last night.

In the order of my personal judgment, Pradeep Rangana was the best this weekend. (In “Hindi songs in Sinhala” theme). His choice of song was excellent, and he performed his best ever performance on this show so far.

Earlier, I had some doubts about Pradeep’s talent, bur lask week’s performance cleared most of them.

Then is the shocking judgment! I thought Maheshika was only second to Pradeep in Saturday’s contest. But, surprisingly, the people (SMS) decided on a completely different way.

Maheshika was so far, shaky in this competition but on Saturday she did a better job.

In the order of my preference, (Based on Saturday’s performance) next comes Surendra Perera, Buddika Ushan, Sanka Dineth, Amila Nadishani and Manjula Nivanthi.

I thought, Nadini and Gamini Susiriwardena should have been the last 2 to remain on stage, and Nadini should be the one to say goodbye.

There’s no doubt that all 12 finalist are talented. But I think, Nadini Premadasa and Gamini Susiriwardana has gone too far a little bit, than they should have deserved. Gamini should have left the competition before Nalinda Ranasinghe, and Nadini should have left last night. (Meaning, Nalinda deserved few more weeks on stage)

How ever, let’s see what’s happen in next week. If (majority) of the fans to keep faith on Sirasa superstar anymore, Nadini and/or Gamini should say goodbye very soon.


Rashi said... @ 9/09/2007 10:01 PM

Surendra is my personal favorite. But, considering last Saturdays performance, I think Buddhika was at his best and accordingly no. 1 to 9 should have been, Buddhika, Surendra, Pradeep, Amila, Maheshika,Sanka, Manjula, Gamini and Nadini.
Nadini is pretty and has a considerably ok voice, but in my openion has gone too far in this contest than she deserves.It was not surprising to see Nadini remaining as anticipated by Chandrika, knowing that her looks always outcasts her voice. I think even Nadini herself feels that the others were more talented and deserving than her, and that's why she kept on crying when Maheshika had to leave.
SSS fans have got to realise the differnece between a beauty contest and a singing contest and use their vote carefully. I'm sure Nadini's remaining will have no impact on the male singers (other than Sanka) as their votes must be way above female votes. (Like or not admit the fact that guys have a better net work of true friends). Therefore in the weeks to come, if your preference is a male singer along with that cast a vote to either Amila or Manjula (according to their performance of that particular day) This will make sure that the more deserving females will remain in rounds to come until Nadini leaves. (Just a food for thought, no personal grudes against Nadini, this suggestion is purely inorder to make SSS a fair game)

Moderator said... @ 9/09/2007 10:13 PM

My strong guess on last week came to a reality by eliminating maheshika from the competition.

Staurday performance not up to the level I expected overall. Pradeep was the best and Surendra's song selection was the issue. But nothing to beat his brillinat voice and the performance.

Unfortunately, Nadini is getting beaten by many since her performance was not up to the level as it could have been. Even though she got a fantastic voice as a female, she is not reaching to the corrects notes sometimes. She is started getting hated by the people as Shihan on season 1. Nadini has to improve her pitching and scaling i order to win in this.

Manjula was little crappy even though she is one of the best female voicalist in this competition. But she deserved to be on this list for a while.

Gamini again survived for no reason. But surely and slowly he will be out.

Buddhika again still on the back burner and survuving only because of his amazing musical tallents.

Next to go:

* Manjula
* Gamini
* Sanka
* Amila

My strong guess is Manjula.

LankaBata said... @ 9/09/2007 10:16 PM

Hi Rashi,

You hit the nail on the head.
You have a very good knowledge on what's happening.


Ushi said... @ 9/09/2007 11:16 PM

I agree with this comment... All the 12 are pretty good. According to the last Saturday, Nadini should have said Good bye!!! I think Maheshika should be on the stage though Manjula said got off... But in this case noone can blame on Nadini. Because this is being selected by using an foolish way. So everyone can comment. My favorites are Surendra , Buddhika and Pradeep. ithink SSS whould be one of them...

Schumela said... @ 9/10/2007 12:13 AM

As all comments I think Nadini should have left the completion early. Like as the 12th person. I agree she have a talent but that’s the talent of getting people to look at her and that’s all.

When you’re a singer you should be able to move ur voice according to any stream of the rhythm. But I don’t see Nadini doing a good job there. (Being Shehan like Season 1).
If she was kept to get the viewers attention, I think its time to let that stop becz this makes the viewers feel that there votes are been in-vain. Rashi ur right…. people should know this is a signing completion and not a beauty completion.

Well Gamini has come along way too, but I think the bending head have brought him to the top, hand in hand with his talent but the emotional crap should be let go of. Becz after all this is not a comedy series but one of the best completions in the county right now..

Well all I ask from the SSS fans are to think twice before u make a vote, becz its in ur hand (As They Say). But then again I doubt about it, becz in society the most liked is the one to go out…
It’s a waste to see such talent go to waste like, the first to get out Gayani. She had one of the most beautiful voices I had hard and still she had to leave.

With all the unexpected changes I would like to wish all the remaining candidates for the up coming performance.

May the best Win . . .

Lanka Cricket said... @ 9/10/2007 10:47 AM

All of the 12 finalists are talented. That is obvious, coz no one can come to the top 12 from a 51000 contestants, if they don't have the talent. But now, the real goal here should be to select the talented of the talented bunch.
Thats where people like Surendra,Pradeep and Buddhika fit in. They are hugely talented. We know that. The adjudicators know that. And everyone knows that.

From the girls, I think Amila's got the upper hand. (although her performance yesterday was not that great, and also not to forget, it was a difficult song.)
But Nadini and Gamini, even though they have fantastic skills and voices, I agree with you here... I too feel they have gone abit too far. I thought Nadini, should have said Bye Bye yesterday. From what Chandrika Siriwardene said yesterday, I think this is pretty evident among the adjudicators as well.

Considering the abilities of Gayani, Nalinda and Maheshika, I think they should have stayed on a bit further.

Maheshika gave a brilliant performance yesterday, I guess her best so far, but she had to go, the very same day. Unfortunately that's how the SMS thing works.

Some of the contestant here choose songs to attract the audience, while others choose songs to exhibit their talents and also to pose a challenge. I think the latter is what should happen. If only, some of our viewers will vote more intelligently....

Sakushla said... @ 9/10/2007 10:50 AM

According to my consideration yesterday judgement was not that fare. Maheshika has an absolutly fantastic voice and she can manage in any pitch. Amoung the girls Maheshika is the one who has got the most professional and the outstanding voice...I have no words to express how nice her voice is..in this competition Maheshika's voice is the best i heard...She lost the crown morethan that we miss her voice...Even I'm having that doubt in my mind that why Nadini is still here as this is not a beauty competition..If Nadini wants to remmain in people's heart as a real star she needs to change her way she has choosen...she got to give her time for practices and should stop this usual way which the fans are now fedup of..As far as i'm concerned Nadini should have gone last night and Maheshika could have had the chance to deserve the stage for some more time..
Considering the boys...even Surendra has to do something new..to remain in the stage,he got to do something creative since we don't need another Jothipala to this field..he must make his way according to his own tallents,he has to give some more things to the songs he sings...Gamini is ok but he should not deserve the stage in the future, he came too much in his way cuz of his sensitivity people feel sorry for him and they vote...people should understand one thing, this is a tallent show, we have to give 1st place to the tallent,all the other things are not as important as the tallent of the singer...our votes will judge the future of this field, so we have to be wizer that we were, we should not let unncessary people to come to the top, we have to stop them in their limit..Gamini is ofcourse tallented but there are more tallented guys than him.
To be frank I like Sanka and Pradeep...Sanka always takes a risk and he does something new to the song which is quite pleasing to hear. Even Sanka got many things to get corrected in this journy...comparing to the others...Sanka tries to remain as a singer who takes risks to please his fans,he is great... Pradeep has his own way.. In my point of view a singer should have the sufficient education in music and should have the capability of pleasing fans...Sanka and Buddhika has the music education morethan the others and both of them singn nicely...As a mature person Buddhika presents his songs in a respectable manner,his deep voice is as deep as his deep appearance...Sanka is just 20 years old and still enjoying the youth, but still he presents his songs in a responsible manner and more importantly Sanka is very confident of what he is doing... so Sanka or Buddhika should deserve the crown.. We as fans want super star to be a fare competition that's why we want necessary and TRULY tallented people to be in the stage....

Ruwandi said... @ 9/16/2007 10:38 PM

Dear Sakushla,

i so totally agree with you on your comments about Sanka. he is one of the VERY few people who actually takes the risk of taking a challenge. most of the others just sing to pander the audience through either selecting Extremely famous songs ( no offence against Surendra but hello?? any middle age person in SL will certainly be drawn with prejudice to Jothipala's songs) or by selecting EXTREMELY simple songs which almost require no singing "talent"(i mean Nadini, who in my opinion should not even have been chosen for the top 12 since she's ideal not for singing but for modelling.i think all of us know that her vioce is not at all attractive even when singing EASY songs).

Sanka on the other hand always does something new and adds his own personal touch to the songs he sings. that in fact is what we anticipate from any singer of this contest. apart from his mesmerizing voice and youthfulness, Sanka possesses the true ability to capture the audience with no effort at all. he's my personal favorite and deserves to have the crown because his voice, skills, talents and ability promise Potential for the SL music Industry.

also, on another note, i cant help but notice the judges' disagreements to the people's choice. i mean we certainly have to very seriously consider their opinion for it was they who chose the final 48 from the 51000.so if they don't agree with the SMS results (which we never can say is the TRUE choice of SL) we should atleast give their opinion 50% weightage in the eliminations.

all in all, i wish all the contestants Good luck for a FAIR competition where the one who truly deserves should be chosen as the TRUE Super Star, atleast in the 2nd Season of Super Star(and not make the Huge mistake we did in Season 1).

Good Luck and may God Bless all the contestants!
May the best Man Win!

nirosh12345 said... @ 10/03/2007 2:11 AM

Nadini should be the superstar. she is very cute and sexy.wow.. what a lovely figure she has.she should wear short skirts when she sing.. then, she will perfectly match to be the superstar.

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