Today it was announced that the Parliamentary Election in Sri Lanka will be held on April 8. If the elimination rounds of final 12 continue in this flow, the grand finale will be held either on first week or the second week of April. Both these weeks are going to be busy schedules for most Sri Lankans, because of the upcoming Sri Lanka General Election 2010, and the Sinhalese and Tamil new year.

The popularity of Season 3 has dropped drastically compared to the season 2, and the organizers doesn't want it to drop any further because of the election.

It is reported to us that the organizers are considering postponing the grand finale towards the fourth week of April, to avoid any conflicts of interests by masses of Sri Lankan public.


Jiffry said... @ 4/11/2010 11:26 AM

hi guys
you know am one of crazy for sirasa super star.reyally full mood out this two week final who will go.becorse am worry about arguna rukantha.reyally i love his all song.he will the season 03 super star

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